About Us


Our Company

Sisters Coffee Roasters is a company that has a deep love of coffee.  But this love of coffee has evolved and grown to the point that we decided that we just had to have our own company.  

What makes our coffee any better than the big Seattle based coffees, you may ask?  Well, let me tell you that when you get a bag of our freshly roasted coffee you get exactly that.  It has not sat in some warehouse for three months or on some store shelf for even longer.  It is fresh roasted, bagged and delivered to you.

Now on for a little history on how our love of coffee developed.  As we grew up we saw our mother, Barbara, (that's what the "B" stands for in our logo) sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and working on some project. No matter winter or summer she drank her coffee. Her love of coffee came from her father.  He made his coffee the way cowboys made their coffee; threw some grounds in a pot and boiled it.  Then he added a spoon of instant to that.  We always said his spoon could stand up in his cup, haha. So inevitably we were destined to drink coffee.  As adults we were exposed to the Seattle company's coffee and may have even worked at some of those places.  We learned that coffee, like fine wine has many attributes and that you could pair it with different foods. It is a very complex drink.

Our name is what we are, Sisters.  We are a set of two sisters; Karie Riley and Catherine Fraser, Jessie Riley Harse and Sarah Riley. Our name is what we do; we roast fresh coffee.  It's that simple.  We will strive to bring you the freshest, most rounded and flavorful coffee we can find.

Check back to read more updates on what we are doing. We look forward to serving you!